Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DeSoto American Triple T Tour

What a great race. I keep reading about how shelled people were Sunday morning. We must have done something right, because I never felt shelled. I had some stomach issues, but otherwise I was feeling good in the races.

Prologue - Nothing special. Hard, but not too hard. Just right.

Saturday Oly - Around 150 on the bike and 160 on the run. That felt so nice and easy, but my time was reasonable. I wouldn't change anything there either.

Saturday Afternoon Oly - I don't think I ate enough in between races, nor did I drink enough on the bike. Bike was good, between 150 and 155. I definitely bonked on the run though. Maybe I should have been a little more conservative on the bike, but mostly I think I needed for fuel for such a long day. I ended up taking 3 gels and a lot of water on the run. Probably too much water as I chucked most of it back up after the race. Hydrate more before the race and during the bike.

Sunday 1/2IM - Swim was good. On the bike I started to feel tired at the end of the first lap and my HR dropped from the mid-140s to the high 120s for the 2nd lap with Chris pulling more. Next time it would be better if Chris pulled more the first lap I think. Overall, pretty good pacing though and I felt great at the end, better than I've ever felt after a 1/2IM bike. The run started out around 160 and stayed there or a little lower. Pretty good pacing, but I struggled with the hills on the last lap. Not sure what to do there. Took 3 gels and a lot of water, plus 12 oz. of eFuel. Next time I think I should have more eFuel, fewer gels, and less water. Again the water just sat there and I chucked it all back up. With the Infinit and all the water and ice I think I was doing fine keeping cool and getting enough sodium. I don't think I needed the salt tabs. Maybe before the start of a hot 1/2IM? I did have 3 bottle of Infinit on the bike and I think that was the right amount. Next time I'd like to get more sports drink on the run and less water.

Overall pacing was pretty darn good. I don't think I would change that. Compared to others we had pretty good 1/2IM times. Perhaps a slightly easier first lap would give a better run though.


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