Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ozark Valley Triathlon

1. I think this was my best executed race this year, except perhaps the OKC 1/2 marathon

2. My swim was a disappointment again. This was the first non-wetsuit swim of the year I definitely am not as good of a swimmer without a wetsuit. I don't mind it, but I'm just not as fast. Two guys I beat in the swim by over a minute at Route 66 were 45 and 60 seconds ahead of me here in a shorter swim. I think I need to do more intervals in the pool and work on my body position. Sadly, my swim was exactly the same as last year, to the second. How is that possible, considering I've already swum more this year than all of last year.

3. The bike went really well. I decided to low 90's cadence instead of high 90's. My plan was to keep the HR between 165 and 168, but it ended up averaging closer to 160 with periods below 160. Still my time was about 40 seconds faster than last year, plus approximately 30 seconds due to the extra mount/dismount out the transition area. That's good...

4. The run was definitely my best of the year. I started out strong, had good form and felt in control up the first hill. The hills still kill me, but I was alright. It wasn't until the end of the first loop that I started feeling on the slight climb at the end. The second climb was hard slow, but I'm sure everybody was feeling it by then. I did use my inhaler at the start of the run and at the start of 2nd lap. It certainly didn't hurt, but I started to pop on the last climb anyway.

So I was 7th OA this year, but almost 2 minutes faster than last year. My average HR was 166, which seems pretty low for this distance. It wasn't very hot, so that might have contributed.

Some good signs for Nationals in 2 weeks.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tulsa Triathlon

This is sort of neat. Finally in 6 years of triathlon we are actually starting to do the same races for the 2nd time. A little home course advantage never hurts. Ended up 5th OA. The 3rd time I'm been 5th. Never been higher...

So I had a new strategy for this race. Take the bike out real easy (160 avg. HR) and see how close to my stand alone run time I can get. I paced the bike exactly according to plan. I am little disappointed though, because my split was 50 seconds slower than last year and with better fitness, better position, aero helmet, and a disk... Well, I did go easier, so there is that, but perhaps I still wasn't recovered from Triple T. I certainly didn't feel sharp. Anyway, the strategy did help I think, because even with tired and very undertrained run legs I still managed to run 1:40 faster than last year. So I was 50 seconds faster net. I guess I can't complain. I think starting out near 160 and building to 165 might be a reasonable strategy, although until my run time gets closer to my open time, maybe not.

Feeling much better this week after the race, putting in good volume and my body feels much more able to absorb the training. I definitely need to get back to the speedwork though, my times this morning in good conditions were 5-10 seconds slower over 1/2 mile. Hopefully, that will come back quickly with a few good sessions.

I do think I use my quads too much when I run. I noticed when I stood up straighter and bent my knee less that I used my hamstrings more and felt my quads less. Something to try as that might help explain my falloff on the run after biking.

I also want to try using my inhaler during a race at Ozark Valley. Even though I started out with a really low HR at Tulsa my breathing still went crazy within a few minutes. I didn't even feel like I was pushing, but I just couldn't breathe. Rather frustrating actually.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Route 66 Triathlon

Again I'm a bit disappointed with my swim. Where did all my improvement from the spring go? Maybe I was still tired from the Triple T? Hard to say.

I totally blew this bike. Worst pacing of my life. Didn't help that my HR monitor strap was on backwards, so I was flying blind, but still I learned a really good lesson here. I blew at about mile 20. The run was a nightmare.

Next race I want to try biking very easy. Right around 160 and see what I can do on the run. I've got to get my run under control or I'm just wasting my swim and bike fitness.