Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tulsa Triathlon

This is sort of neat. Finally in 6 years of triathlon we are actually starting to do the same races for the 2nd time. A little home course advantage never hurts. Ended up 5th OA. The 3rd time I'm been 5th. Never been higher...

So I had a new strategy for this race. Take the bike out real easy (160 avg. HR) and see how close to my stand alone run time I can get. I paced the bike exactly according to plan. I am little disappointed though, because my split was 50 seconds slower than last year and with better fitness, better position, aero helmet, and a disk... Well, I did go easier, so there is that, but perhaps I still wasn't recovered from Triple T. I certainly didn't feel sharp. Anyway, the strategy did help I think, because even with tired and very undertrained run legs I still managed to run 1:40 faster than last year. So I was 50 seconds faster net. I guess I can't complain. I think starting out near 160 and building to 165 might be a reasonable strategy, although until my run time gets closer to my open time, maybe not.

Feeling much better this week after the race, putting in good volume and my body feels much more able to absorb the training. I definitely need to get back to the speedwork though, my times this morning in good conditions were 5-10 seconds slower over 1/2 mile. Hopefully, that will come back quickly with a few good sessions.

I do think I use my quads too much when I run. I noticed when I stood up straighter and bent my knee less that I used my hamstrings more and felt my quads less. Something to try as that might help explain my falloff on the run after biking.

I also want to try using my inhaler during a race at Ozark Valley. Even though I started out with a really low HR at Tulsa my breathing still went crazy within a few minutes. I didn't even feel like I was pushing, but I just couldn't breathe. Rather frustrating actually.


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