Monday, August 21, 2006


Arkadelphia, AR
1.2 mile swim / 56 mile bike / 12.75 mile run

5:05:35 - a PR barely

So close, but not quite...

Had a solid swim (33:14). For a non-wetsuit swim that is pretty good for me. The bike starts out mostly uphill for 6 miles or so. It was very hard to keep the HR between 150-155 per plan and I ended up riding a good deal of that section above 160. Probably dug my hole right there. I got out of the water in 20th, by the time I reached the top of the climb I was around 10th. I was definitely gaining a lot of time at the bottom of any descents as I pushed to keep my speed up as long as possible. Once on the flats my HR did settle in nicely between 150 and 155 and by the turnaround I was in 4th. The way back was fairly uneventful as I played tag with another guy that did the first half at a similar pace. Still my HR was mostly near 155 and not 150. Ended up with the 4th fastest bike split, but my average HR for the bike was 157. Just a little too high. Swim average was 170 which seems really high, almost unbelievable. This the first time I've ever hit the split on the swim, so I am curious to see if that continues. I only drank 2 bottles of Infinit plus a little water from the course. This was another mistake. Next time I'd like 3 bottles of Infinit plus 3 gels. That would get me almost 1500 calories for the ride and should set me up nicely for the run. Bike split was 2:25:08. I'm thinking I was 2-3 minutes too fast. The run started out fine. I had my cold fuel belt and felt okay with the heat. The fine part lasted about 5 miles and then I really started to feel everything. My HR was stuck over 170, I was hot as hell (high of 102 on the day), and my breathing was completely whacked as "asthma" kicked in mid-way through the loop. I finished the first loop in 5th and Steve passed me shortly after, but I knew as I was finishing the loop that I was done for. The hill starting the 2nd loop was just too much and I guess I gave up. Too hard on the bike, not enough nutrition, heat, high HR, and breathing issues all conspired to effectively end my race. I ended walking half the 2nd lap with a pathetic 2:05:03 run on a short course. Not what I was hoping for, but I learned a lot. Now hopefully by writing this down I won't make the same mistake again. We are definitely looking for a cooler 1/2IM to do next time. Ralph's 70.3 sounds like a good option. I'd like to get a solid run split in a 1/2 for a change.


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