Friday, November 10, 2006


Uh, no.

Well, on further evaluation it appears I don't have ITB issues, but instead I have an inflamed lateral meniscus. Not much I can do except rest, ice, and take Advil. So, with that I swim and bike!

Speaking of swimming. After only 7 years of swimming I finally accepted the fact that I crossover on my hand entry and that this is hindering my speed. On Wednesday I actually found a spot to enter the water that was not crossing over and still doable. After several 25s to give myself some muscle memory of what good was I'm adjusting well to the new sensation. Today using my new found entry I managed an easy 33s 50 and a comfortable, but hard 2:33 200 at the end of the workout. I'm pretty sure those are lifetime bests for both distances. Maybe there is something to this (not) crossing-over thing. Here's hoping.


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